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About Unum ID

Unum ID is the Verified Network. We provide a marketplace for verified identity data, shared with full user consent. You can use Unum ID for:

  • 1-Click or Free ID Verification: Either it's 1-click, or it's on us.
    • If a user has a digital ID card, they can verify with 1-click — instant onboarding.
    • Otherwise, the user completes your existing ID verification process, and we cover the cost.
  • Custom Digital ID Cards: We'll pay you for each card you issue.
    • You can offer digital ID cards to your users the next time they log in to your service, through marketing emails, or through in-app offers.
    • In each case, it takes just one API call.

Docs Overview

These docs provide detailed, technical information about how to deploy and use Unum ID tech. We recommend starting with the Introduction sections, but feel free to dive into the Components sections for code level details.

Below is an annotated table of contents, which offers a sneak peek of each section.


  • Terminology: defines a few specialized terms that are helpful to know.
  • FAQ: answers some of the most common questions.


  • Quick Start Guide: an all encompassing, 1-Click onboarding and Free IDV, getting started guide.
  • Free IDV Guide: a more detailed guide solely focussing on how and why to implement the Free Identity Verification offering.


  • API: describes how to interface with our API to instantly onboard users and issue them credentials.
  • Data Schema: outlines how identity data in the Unum ID network is structured.


  • Hooli Demo: is an open source demonstration implementation of issuing Unum ID digital identity cards which unlocks the Free IDV offering.
  • Kredita Demo: is an open source demonstration implementation of 1-click onboarding.

All of our demos are open sourced to serve as examples. See our GitHub for more.