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Kredita Demo

The open source Kredita demos demonstrate an example implementation of the 1-Click IDV offering. It is an application for a fictional customer, Kredita, which accepts Unum ID

A credential is a collection of data about a person. It's issued by a company and can be requested by other network participants, gated by the user's consent.
Example: ACME Lending issues a KYC verification credential to Richard (an ACME user). This includes Richard's contact information and account numbers, as well as a level of confidence in the accuracy of the data.
Components: A company issues credentials using the Server SDK, and an app stores credentials using the Mobile SDK.
credentials issued by Hooli.

Additional information on how to implement can be found and in the API's check user credentials and get shared credentials documentation sections.

Web Demo

Coming soon

Mobile Demos

The mobile demo showcase how the Unum ID Web Wallet interacts within a native app to achieve the same functionality as the web demo.


The Kredita Android Demo can be installed from here. The source code can be found on Github.


The Kredita iOS Demo source code can be found on Github.